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About Us

Caring Since 1893

Our Beginning

The Deaconess Home has over a century of caring and experience behind everything we do.  The Deaconess Home was established in 1893 and has been providing much needed services to the community since that time.  The program initially provided calls on the sick and missionary work.  The tradition of caring and giving to the community continued when there was a clear need to establish a home for girls.  In September of 1906, the Girls’ Industrial Home was opened and friendly care and guidance was provided to young women and their families.  

In the mid 1960’s, the challenges of aiding children in the transition from institutions into the community were quickly met by the Deaconess Home.  The children coming from institutions had more complex problems and needed more professional help.  A staff of child care workers, social workers, psychologists, and a psychiatrist worked with the young women and their families.  In the 1970’s Deaconess continued to meet the needs of children by providing a special needs residential school.  The Deaconess Home has continued to identify the needs of young women, their families and the community.  The program continues to evolve to meet these needs and to improve our services.


Today the Deaconess Home is in the forefront of treatment of young women ages 11 to 22 and their families.  The program provides a youth and family driven services to meet the challenging and specific needs of each individual and her family.  A strength based, family centered approach is emphasized in the services provided.  The program works with young women who have displayed running away behaviors, sexual acting out, alcohol-drug abuse, verbal and physical aggression, sexual aggressive behaviors, self-abusive behaviors and social withdrawal.  The program provides services within the family’s home and the community.  Each girl prepares to transition home, to her community, or to live independently.  The Deaconess Home understands the importance of family involvement for the success of each young woman; therefore, the program identifies and works with families prior to intake, throughout placement, and after discharge.  The program also works to identify and create resources within the community that will allow the young women to grow and experience new challenges outside of the program. 

The program provides multiple levels of care ranging from:

The program is designed to meet the specific needs of each girl and her family. Every individual and family is unique and the Deaconess Home works to ensure that the needs of the girls and family are met.

Behavioral Treatment Residence

Group Home Specializing in Family Reunification

Support and Stabilization

Residential School

Group Home

Independent Living

The program provides on grounds school, specialized clinical services, health care and nutritional services, psychiatric consultation, on grounds and community based recreational activities, vocational education and training, home based family services; community, school and home support and stabilization. Respite services are also provided for girls and families as part of support and stabilization.  The program emphasis family and community involvement.  Girls may enter the program at any level of care and transition in between programs to allow a continuum of care without a disruption in services and treatment.