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Family Engagement

The Fall River Deaconess Home supports youth and families by maintaining regular family time that fosters positive relationships with parents, siblings, extended family members and other identified supports through regular contact, technology-based services, family time and treatment planning. The agency implements a coordinated, individualized team approached therapeutic  collaboration with youth, families and supports to provide residents’ daily living experiences that promote the development life-skills and pro-social behavior.


Admissions & Intake
Treatment & Permanency Planning
Family Time
Case-Closing & Aftercare
Parents’ Advisory Group

The youth’s family is initially contacted and welcomed to be present for their child’s pre-placement meeting. Depending on availability and family presence, this meeting will take place in the family home, or child’s current placement, at Deaconess, or a neutral community location of the family’s choosing.

Residents and caregivers are encouraged to be participants during treatment plan and team meetings.
Treatment reviews are written quarterly by the Clinician to assess progress towards the intended result outlined in the service plan. Families are invited and encouraged to actively participate in treatment. Meetings to address treatment needs may be scheduled at any time, to bring the team together, to address issues, concerns or to discuss overall planning and progress. Below, please find a list of treatment meetings that are common for all of our families.

  • Initial Treatment Plan
  • Progress Review (every 3 months)
  • Case Conference
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Foster Care Review
  • IEP (Individualized Education Program)
  • Safety Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Clinical staff provide, at minimum, bi-weekly family counseling to each resident and identified caregiver. In each case, the Clinician will complete necessary referrals to the appropriate resources based on current barriers to achieving treatment goals that will otherwise extend a resident’s stay.
    In all cases, Family time is prioritized, including visits at the program, in the community and at-home.

    Within thirty days of a residents’ discharge, clinical staff contacts the referring agency for a status update. Clinical staff contacts the family to schedule a post-discharge visit or phone call. Visits are dependent on the geographical location of the service recipient. During that time, the Clinician assesses the family’s current progress towards maintaining the permanency goal. Should the family identify any barriers to following through with post-discharge recommendations, clinical staff can support the family by exploring community resources to address the need.

    Families are invited to join the Deaconess Home quarterly for our Parent Advisory Group. Topics discussed include safety, health and wellness, education and permanency planning. Families are provided the forum to provide feedback to the program and advocate for themselves and their loved ones in care. The Parent Advisory Group is co-facilitated by the Educational Coordinator and the Director of Operations and Professional Services.