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Health, Wellness & Nutrition

Health, Wellness & Nutrition

The Fall River Deaconess Home impacts youth by providing comprehensive healthcare and promoting optimal physical, nutritional, behavioral and developmental health.  Within five days of admission, each resident is evaluated by the Nurse Practitioner and then again at 30 days for a more in-depth medical screening. 

Each resident receives education and ongoing support in hygiene practices, self-care, safety, family planning, and transitional-aged youth curriculum.  Anticipatory guidance is offered to residents and families to empower their decision-making and increase their involvement regarding their healthcare throughout services, including referrals for aftercare, follow-up and resources in the community.

The Deaconess Home follows the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Medication Administration Program (MAP).

Promoting Healthy Living
Comprehensive Medical Care
Medication Administration
Individualized Health and Wellness
Qualified Personnel

The Fall River Deaconess Home promotes healthy habits, healthy living and lifestyle choices; including:

• Implementing the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which outlines nutritional guidelines, portion control, nutrition education, healthy food choices, as well as, a tailored nutrition plan for specific nutrition needs
• Meeting with each resident upon admission for initial self-hygiene education and support, and personal care practices
• Daily opportunities to support youth through medication administration, including how to self-administer, as appropriate
• Timely response and evaluation of medical concerns either with a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP)
• Working with families on individualized treatment plans and for direct communication regarding medical needs, assessments, aftercare, follow-up and resources in the community

The Deaconess Home provides or arranges specialized health services to meet the needs of the service population, as appropriate. Each resident is evaluated within five days of admission to their Residential Treatment and Group Living setting, as well as on an ongoing basis for medical concerns, and then again at 30 days for a more in depth medical evaluation. Referrals to outside providers include: dental, vision, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

As needed, residents meet with the Deaconess Home’s consulting Psychiatrist 30 days following intake, and quarterly thereafter. If a resident is not taking any behavioral health medication upon intake , the resident will meet with the psychiatrist in order to obtain a history.

The Fall River Deaconess Home provides safe, uniform medication control and administration. Written policies and procedures regarding the prescription and administration of all medication are detailed in the Health Care Manuals and are available at all program sites where medications are maintained and administered. The Deaconess Home maintains site licenses with the Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) at our Group Living program sites.
Personnel directly involved in medication control and administration are qualified and trained in accordance with law and regulation set forth by the Department of Public Health’s Medication Administration Program (MAP). Direct Care Staff who administer medications outside of school hours are trained per the Medication Administration Program (MAP).

Health assessment upon admission, and yearly immunizations
Accompany youth to medical and dental appointments
Teaching Transitional-Aged Youth how to set up and attend medical appointments independently
Family consultations regarding youth’s health status and services
Family planning and sexual health education
Individualized health care plans that address hygiene and daily living skills
Psychiatric Consultation which addresses managing, reducing and wherever possible, eliminating medication
National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
Healthy meals and exercise programs
Provider coordination and transitional planning for youth returning home

Health Care Services Provided by:

Board Certified Pediatrician – who acts as Medical Director
Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurses
MAP (Medication Administration Program) Certified Staff
Additional services are provided by medical, dental and ancillary service providers as part of providing mentoring and advocacy for youth and families

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