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Fall River Deaconess Home was founded in the Spring of 1893 to offer underprivileged women a safe and nurturing environment. Since its inception, Deaconess Home has instilled the value of community to youth and their families and has provided them with education, recreation, vocational training, and a place to call home. Medical, psycho-social and psychiatric services were added in 1941 and in the 1960s, Deaconess opened its first site for Group Home services. Today, the Deaconess Home is a vibrant, dynamic agency, that provides cutting-edge, comprehensive treatment services to youth and families in need and remains true to founding principles. Our transparent and predictable behavior support system is designed to maintain the safety of the residents and employees, reduce the need for crisis intervention, and strengthen the residents’ interpersonal and daily living skills.

Our Vision is to be the leader and provider of choice for trauma-informed care.

Our Mission is to empower youth and families to develop social, emotional, academic and life skills to engage successfully in the community.

Our Values are:

Equity and Inclusion: Create a fair and equitable environment that promotes a sense of belonging and appreciation for everyone

Safety: Create a culture that is nurturing, predictable and safe

Commitment to Excellence: Provide consistent, high-quality service, care, and support that honors and respects youth, family, staff members and partners

Integrity: Honesty, transparency, and dedication

Collaboration: Cultivate strong partnerships to build relationships and networks to support youth and families

Compassion: Driven by respect and dignity when providing care to youth and families

Maureen K. Philbin, M.Ed.: Executive Director
Email: mphilbin@deaconesshome.org

Hilda Moniz, LCSW: Vice President of Operations
Email: hildam@deaconesshome.org

Joy Edwards, MSW: Vice President of Residential Services
Email: joye@deaconesshome.org

Erie Contreras, M.Ed: Director of Community Programs; Support & Stabilization
Email: eriec@deaonesshome.org

Pam Gagne, CPA: Director of Finance
Email: pamg@deaconesshome.org

Stacy Harris, LICSW: Director of Clinical Services
Email: stacyh@deaconesshome.org

Amina Serdarevic, M.Ed: Educational Coordinator
Email: aminas@deconesshome.org

PRESIDENT Diana M. Taxiera
1st VICE PRESIDENT Bonnie Mello
2nd VICE PRESIDENT Robert Mendes
ASSISTANT TREASURER Laurette A. Shabshelowitz
CLERK/SECRETARY Stephanie Terach

Irene Borum
Jack C. Carey
John V. Carvalho, III
Debra A. Faria
John F. Golden
Pamela H. Mathieu
Carol McShane
Bonnie Mello
Robert Mendes
Laurette A. Shabshelowitz
Diana M. Taxiera
Stephanie Terach
Frances L. Tyrrell
Henry R. Vaillancourt, MD

Karin E. Wood

Arthur M. DeAscentis

Services Provided:

Residential Education

Intensive Group Home

Group Home

Pre-Independent Living

Support & Stabilization

Day School


  • Deaconess has helped me have a fresh start and a better version of myself. I have gone on many outings and activities that I have never done before and I am thankful for that.

    Liana R,
    Resident, 2021
  • I guarantee you will leave Deaconess with at least two new life skills. Deaconess staff are the most persistent people I have ever met when it comes to advocating for their residents. Overall, Deaconess is benevolent!

    Luci M.
    Resident, 2021